SOLE is an acronym which represents RESPECT for Self, Others, Learning and Environment. We acknowledge that high expectations for all community members are founded in respect. We respect ourselves, others, learning and the environment. Our College develops school-wide behaviour expectations focusing on these key areas.  These are developed in consultation with students, staff, parents and caregivers. SOLE teaches our learning community the norms of behaviour and promotes an opportunity to develop compassion through guided pre-planned responses to behaviour and restorative practices. We engage in social and emotional learning, and promote opportunities to practise and master self-management and self-efficacy. We promote and value opportunities for goal setting for all our learners. Our SOLE framework encourages a growth mindset and positive attitude, leading to high-functioning, and self-disciplined individuals. Each community has a matrix which is age and stage appropriate. Our matrices and accompanying documents can be accessed below:

The Classroom F - 4

The Classroom 5 - 8

The Classroom 9 - 12

The Toilets

The Yard

Examples of Minor, Major and Significant Behaviours of Concern CLASSROOM

Examples of Minor, Major and Significant Behaviours of Concern YARD

The Role of Parents

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