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Advisory Council 2

Welcome to our annual Art, Design and Technology Showcase for 2021. This year we will be looking at things from a ‘different perspective’.

After another disrupted year, we are delighted to showcase the wonderful work that our students have produced in their Art, Design and Technology classes.

This ‘virtual’ exhibition will showcase student work, from Foundation up to Year 12, that has been designed, manufactured and created in Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Communication Design, Media, Technology - Wood, Metal and Food, both at school and at home.

We trust that you enjoy the many different art forms on display showcasing our amazingly talented students from across the F-12 Communities. We are delighted to share this presentation with you and hope that family and friends, both near and far, can also view this presentation from the comfort of home.

We look forward to having our ‘traditional exhibition’ back in 2022.

Showcase 2021 V2

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  • Learning for Life

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