St Augustine’s College is a thriving and active school with a long and well-established reputation. We aim for excellence in education with a particular focus on the care of the individual within our community.


We provide a high quality education, founded on Catholic principles, recognising the needs of each individual and valuing the contribution of our whole community.

Our aim is to develop the whole person – socially, emotionally, creatively, physically, academically and spiritually – in an environment that is safe, fun, engaging and challenging.

St Augustine’s College lives as a Catholic family, bound by the values of care, respect, trust, responsibility and achievement. This means that every child matters: we have the highest expectations for all children and help each of them reach their full potential. We achieve this by delivering a broad and rich curriculum that provides children with opportunities to explore, enquire and reflect.

Our Catholic Identity 

We are proud of our tradition as a Catholic school. We seek to nurture the spiritual development of our students, staff and parents. 

We believe in providing opportunities within our school community to explore and celebrate expressions of faith that are authentic, contemporary and committed to social justice, compassion and service.

We encourage each of our students to become more aware of their own potential and challenge them to live out their Catholic values through developing and providing outstanding leadership and service in the community.

Our Excellence in Education

We create an inclusive culture where staff, students and parents cultivate a supportive safe and friendly learning environment.

Our goal is for every student to reach their full potential. We do this by fostering a love of learning and a commitment to high academic standards.

Our Pastoral Wellbeing 

We provide a safe, secure and happy learning environment for our students. Pastoral care is provided for all students, with teachers, specialist staff, councillors, parents and our parish working together to help each student build esteem, feel valued and included, and face challenges.

St Augustine’s has a very personal approach to each student and we are committed to equipping them with the emotional, social, physical and intellectual skills they need to become happy, fulfilled individuals.


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