St. Augustine’s College Kyabram, focuses upon the development of the whole person when educating and supporting members of our community. We value community, faithfulness, human flourishing, partnership and learning for life.

The mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of young people are essential pre-conditions for successful learning. These qualities cannot be developed for individuals in isolation from the health and wellbeing of the school community as a whole A safe and happy environment is crucial to making it possible for both students and adults to develop their emotional literacy, develop and practise happy relationships, evaluate risk and build resilience.
Charter of Sandhurst School Improvement (CoSSI)

Our processes and structures have been established to assist all students and their families and to strengthen and support student wellbeing across the College with Wellbeing & Additional staff in the Junior, Middle and Senior areas of the college. Wellbeing is at the forefront of the Teacher Advisor system across the College. The TA group is at the basis of the wellbeing program with TA teachers playing a key role in ensuring the needs of students in their care are addressed.

The College also conducts a range of formal programs and age specific programs aimed at enhancing wellbeing and resilience. The You Can Do It Program is taught in the Foundation to Year 6 area, with the College currently in the process of establishing a social emotional program to work alongside the SWPBS framework (Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Support) across Foundation to Year 12.

The College is supported by the Catholic Education Office Psychologist, Special Education Officer, Speech Pathologist.

Goode Carolyn
Carolyn Goode
Deputy Principal - Community & Wellbeing
JENP 2021
Penny Jenner
F-4 Community & Wellbeing Leader
POPA 2021
Anthony Poppa
5-8 Community & Wellbeing Leader
DOWM 2021
Michelle Downie
9-12 Community & Wellbeing Leader

Learning Diversity Leaders

REEL 2021
Leanne Reed

Wellbeing Officer

Jake Kelly

Sandy Carver