Knowing the Person 

We understand that for wellness to occur, the mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual health of each person needs to be attended to equally. We understand and acknowledge that all our learners come from diverse backgrounds and have a range of experiences, abilities, skills and interests. We also recognise and cater for students’ individual needs. It is our duty to recognise strengths, appreciate diversity, and foster individual success for all. It is through knowing the person that we are able to support individuals in building confidence, resilience, and self-direction. All learners are empowered to grow to be self-disciplined, self-aware and self-reliant. At St Augustine’s our inclusive practices ensure all people feel empowered to succeed and take a proactive approach to their learning. 

Supporting Individual Differences

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support - SOLE

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Whole School Approach

Positive School Climate

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