At St Augustine’s College the focus in the F-4 community is to establish a foundation that enables all children to flourish throughout their life. The fundamentals of reading, writing and basic numeracy skills are developed and are the bedrock for the application of these skills in the future years. Students begin to explore who they are and identify their strengths and challenges as a learner. 

Opportunities to Grow

The experience of students in the F-4 Community is enriched by accessing multiple teachers in team-teaching arrangements and Learning Support Officers to provide clarity and assistance. Learners in the F-4 Community at times receive large group, small group and 1:1 instruction. 

A variety of additional experiences including incursions, performance opportunities, instrumental music tuition and cultural experiences ensure that many positive memories are made and personal challenges are overcome. 


Learners in the F-4 Community undertake specialist classes taught by teachers with specialised skills in each area. These include:

  • Sport

  • Music

  • Art

  • Italian

  • Library

  • Inquiry Maths

At the end of Year 3 students are invited to apply for a House Captain or Community Leader position for the following year. Fostering leadership opportunities early on equips our learners with the skills they need to continue to develop as leaders later on in their school and work life. 

Striving For Success

In the F-4 Community a learner is supported to experience success by engaging in learning experiences that challenge and inspire them. Teachers use a range of evidence-based high impact teaching strategies to reach each learner including: 

  • Setting goals

  • Explicit teaching 

  • Worked examples

  • Collaborative learning

  • Questioning

  • Feedback

  • Metacognitive strategies

  • Differentiated teaching

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