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What is SOLE?

SOLE is a F-12 school wide pro-active approach which emphasises respect through explicit teaching of acceptable behaviours; both in and outside the classroom. Through the prevention of problematic behaviours more time is spent fostering positive learning environments which lead to improved academic and social performance.


SOLE speaks to our College values; Human flourishing, Partnerships, Community, Faithfulness and Learning for Life. SOLE strengthens the students relationships with themselves, teachers, peers and families and provide a welcoming atmosphere which promotes a safe and supportive learning environment and fosters curiosity.

As a Catholic community our view is to educate the whole person. This holistic approach not only focuses on the academics, but promotes social emotional wellbeing throughout the entire school community. The community values all individuals, and the SOLE approach promotes this, not merely through acceptance but targeted teaching, which focuses on the strength of the individual.

Our Learning and Teaching framework highlights the importance of Knowing the Learner, Learning in Collaboration, High expectations for all Learners, Purposeful Learning and Learning in a Safe and Supportive Environment. SOLE complements this framework as the students are guided through a proactive approach to learning which responds to the current social and educational challenges that they face.

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