College Captains

Sam C

Sam C.

Lillianna S

Liliana S.


5-8 Community Leaders

F-4 Community Leaders

Wil H

Wil H.

Ella C

Ella C.

Kaden C

Kaden C.

Ava W

Ava W.


9-12 CST Leaders

5-8 CST Leaders

F-4 CST Leader

Ayden S

Ayden S.

Jayde S

Jayde S.

Shylee D

Shylee D.

Zoe A

Zoe A.

Paige D

Paige D.



Delany Captains

Brigidine Captains

Augustine Captains


Ryder McC new

Ryder McC.

Hunter M

Hunter M.

Jeremy A

Jeremy A.

Tullulah L

Tullulah L.

Chloe G

Chloe G.

Billy S

Billy S.


Archer B

Archer B.

Olivia McM

Olivia McM.

Paddy W

Paddy W.

Mel S

Mel S.

Penny M

Penny M.

Antonio D

Antonio D.


Allanah K

Allana K.

Matilda F

Matilda F.

Indra H

Indra H.

Rose G

Rose G.

Kodi A

Kodi A.

Sarah C

Sarah C.


SAC HouseLogo Augustine Colour RGB

The logo for Augustine House is inspired by the emblem of the order of St Augustine which is part of our College story, however, the focus is particularly on the flame. St Augustine strongly believed in the power of community and friendship, which is at the heart of Augustine House. The flame represents passion, commitment and a love of life and learning. Hearts on Fire captures once again the communal aspect of the team and provides a sense of mission, purpose and energy. St Augustine was one who lived life to the full and this motto hopes to inspire our house members to do likewise.

SAC HouseLogo Brigidine RGB

The logo for Brigidine House depicts an oak tree imposed on the Brigidine cross. The oak is connected to the story of St Brigid, as Kildare (place of the Oak) was where she founded her first monastery. The tree also stands for strength, growth and St Brigid’s love for the earth and God’s creation. Bold, Brave and True captures the essence of St Brigid and the many qualities she displayed throughout her life and ministry.

SAC HouseLogo Delany RGB

The logo for Delany House depicts a shamrock and the Southern Cross. The shamrock represents Bishop Daniel Delany’s loyalty to the people in Ireland. Daniel returned to Ireland from France at a time when the Irish Catholics were impoverished and oppressed. The Southern Cross, also found on our College logo, marks the coming of the Brigidine Sisters, who were founded by Daniel Delany, to Australia and then Kyabram. Be Not Afraid (Be Delany) captures the courage of Delany and in turn the sisters, who left what was known and comfortable, and answered God’s call to bring the Good News of the gospel to others in need.