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Catholic schools in Sandhurst diocese engage in ongoing cycles of reflection, review, dialogue and improvement actions guided by the Charter of Sandhurst School Improvement. Our school improvement goals and annual action plans emerge from local needs, possibilities and solutions.

School improvement reflects our commitment to the belief that all students can learn and all schools can improve.

Catholic education unites the mission of the Church with service to the total development of the human person ... it is about human flourishing in a deeply Christian understanding – whatever makes a student more wise, more loving, more fully human is making the student reflect more fully the image of God. Source of Life Core Document, 2005

In 2016 our College undertook a collaborative strategic planning process to develop our directions and guide our improvement as we look towards 2020.
We invite you to view our Horizon 2020 Future Directions document.

Our 2023 Annual Action Plan outlines our key focus areas for the year. This year we are excited to include actions that have been designed by our families and our student body to support our 2020 Horizon aspirations and commitments.