Welcome to St Augustine’s College, a vibrant learning community strengthened by intergenerational relationships and local partnerships. We are proud of our long-standing heritage in providing excellent educational opportunities for families in Kyabram and surrounding areas. Our F-12 College offers a well-rounded learning experience for all and interaction between year levels is promoted and fostered.

St Augustine’s first and foremost is a Catholic School that provides students with relevant and engaging opportunities to deepen their faith and spirituality. Students are encouraged to look beyond themselves putting their faith into action. Through involvement in our social justice programs, students are challenged to become socially conscious, counter-cultural in their thinking and empowered to contribute positively to society through the promotion of inclusivity, justice and solidarity.

The College is a learning community that provides a contemporary, holistic and liberating education that challenges, nurtures and inspires students from Foundation to Year 12 to be aspirational regarding their future. Students are encouraged to strive to achieve their personal best, developing the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to flourish in an ever-changing world.

St Augustine’s acknowledges that the pastoral care and wellbeing of students is paramount to the promotion of quality learning. The development of positive relationships, between teachers, students and families remain a focus, to ensure that a nurturing environment, in which all students feel safe and supported in their learning is promoted. Knowing each student is crucial and enables effective understanding through our Wellbeing and Student Learning frameworks. All our students are challenged and supported to be their best selves. The SOLE (Self, Others, Learning, Environment) approach teaches students through a positive behaviour support framework where expectations are articulated and mistakes viewed as learning opportunities.

St Augustine’s College is a comprehensive school, providing a diverse range of learning experiences in the classroom through the broad range of subjects offered. These learning experiences are supported by a diverse selection of extra-curricular, sporting, cultural and religious experiences, allowing all students to demonstrate their talents in a variety of ways.

I invite you to visit our website to establish a sense of the rich, holistic and varied learning opportunities available to all the students who attend St Augustine’s College.

Jay Sutton

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