Welcome to 2017

As we welcome you to 2017, we are truly excited and privileged to lead 700 students in what is such an exciting and busy year ahead.

For some of us, the start of our last year, for some, the start of our first year, for some, the beginning of a new chapter, moving in to start at a new school, but for many, the exciting start to a new year level.

Since 2005, on our very first day of school, we have watched the school grow and develop to what it has become today. A school that has proud and respected place within our community.

St. Augustine’s College is characterised by a sense of community, where lifelong friendships are made and a strong sense of mutual respect is shared among our teachers and students. Throughout this year, we strive to continue to uphold and demonstrate our 4 pillars of SOLE, by having and showing respect towards ourselves, others, our learning and the environment in which we share.

This year we will be inspired by our College theme for 2017 “Be not afraid, Aim high & Dream great things!” This means so much for us, as we and our year 12 peers, embark on our final year of secondary education. These quotes from Pope Francis, inspire us to do the very best that we can, as we as individuals learn and develop our strengths and weaknesses as we explore the great opportunities before us.

 RESIZED 2017 School Captains

College Captains
Jaleigha Hart & Marcus Angelino