"St Augustine's College is a Child Safe School, committed to the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children and young people"

It is with great pleasure we welcome you to 2018!  This year we are inspired to fulfil our responsibilities not only as Year 12 students but as your College Captains.

From our first day of school in 2006, we have been nurtured by the positive energy St Augustine’s College offers.  We have learned that it is much more than a school, but a place where students and staff can learn and unite as a community to forge connections, shaping our future for generations to come.

We wish to build on the potential our College offers and the positive contributions made by previous school leaders whilst celebrating St Augustine’s College rich and diverse culture.

Our vision as a leadership team this year aims to actively involve students and staff in decisions that reflect and animate our college theme for 2018 of ‘Ever Ancient Ever New- Story Youth Ideas’.  Our college theme encourages us to pause, reflect and move forward. Each element is particularly relatable for us as Year 12s and our peers as we look back on our years at school and believe in the potential to become lifelong learners and strive for success.  We hope that everyone can be surprised this year by our theme and be reminded of it and its meaning. As leaders, we will be continually guided by our school values of Community, Partnership, Faithfulness, Learning for Life and Human Flourishing.

Our lead actions in the following months will focus on Relationships, House Spirit and Goal Setting.  Each integral elements of education.  We wish to further celebrate our F-12 school by connecting each year level, developing healthy and motivational relationships. Build team spirit and school pride by expanding the opportunities for students to earn points for their house, holding team meetings and mentoring young leaders.  We will promote student motivation through visuals and presentations.  Our goal is to enable students to develop subject specific challenging goals that can be supported by individual teachers.  And finally, we hope to develop a survey tool to gain accurate feedback from students and teachers on both relationships and goal setting.

Our whole leadership team are excited to bring our dreams to life with the support of our college community.

We are extremely proud to lead St Augustine’s College this year, a respected place within our community as we explore the great opportunities ahead of us.

College School Captains
Kyle Minicozzi and Claire Mawley