Lucas Wilson:

At the start of 2022 I am looking forward to the exciting opportunity to lead at St Augustine's. In my time at the College I have seen tremendous growth including state-of-the-art architecture as well as positive new leaders and cohorts that contribute to the school's positive identity. I am proud and grateful to lead as College Captain.

Throughout the journey from Foundation to Year 12 student, we are all challenged. It is my hope, that as a leader I am able to foster positive relationships between year levels and support students to manage stress whilst striving for academic success. Change is healthy and inevitable and it is our job as leaders to embrace change within the school and adapt to aid the greater good.

As each of us grows in our individual roles, we should all endeavour to epitomise the College Motto: Strength and Kindliness. We can do this by creating an inclusive environment where all are welcome and supported to be their best.

2022 College Captains

Olivia Watson:

2010 saw the beginning of my schooling journey and the marking of many wonderful experiences, joys and memories. Since then, the College has grown and continues to flourish as a school that caters for all students of all ages. Despite building projects and staff changes, the vision and values of the College remain the same. As a College we value: community, partnership, faithfulness, human flourishing and learning for life. These are simple words with complex meanings, but are brought to life each and every day in our community.

The role of College Captain is a great privilege. I am committed to helping this school flourish by being a role model for others.

My hope for all students is that we have a more consistent year, that we keep our heads high and that we aim high and continue to dream big.