Greta Sullivan:

As I head into my final year of schooling I reflect on my time at St Augustine’s College. I have been supported by the school since I began my education in Foundation and it is with great pride that I take on the responsibility of College Captain in 2021. 

I aim to continue to foster a positive culture at St Augustine’s so that students of all ages can feel a sense of belonging to our community in the same way I have. 

2020 presented many challenges so I hope that this year enables students, teachers and parents alike to prosper and make the most of every opportunity to grow and learn. 

I wish every member of our school community the best for the coming year and I hope that each student strives for not only academic excellence, but to exemplify the virtues of compassion and selflessness in order to embody our college motto, Strength and Kindliness. It is these qualities which promote the inclusion and warmth that should be provided to each student. 

I would like to finish by encouraging everyone to prioritise their mental health, especially our VCE students who may find this year particularly stressful. It is crucial to always take time out of your day to de-stress and to reach out to someone if you feel overwhelmed. 

College Captains2021

Harrison Shortis:

Twelve long years ago I began my education journey here at St Augustine's College. Throughout my time here I’ve seen the College transform into what it is today.  Students, teachers and principals have come and gone.  Buildings have been knocked down and new state of the art ones built up. And although many things have changed over my time here, there are some things that have remained the same. For example, our motto, Strength and Kindliness.  A simple phrase, yet a powerful one.  In the year that was 2020, I believe strength and kindness prevailed for the greater good. Some of those reading this may have experienced online learning and the challenges it delivered, some may have lost a job and experienced financial hardship or some may have felt the heartache of not seeing family and friends. 

However, as individuals, and as one, we had the strength to persevere and showed kindness towards each other to inspire hope. 

I do not take on the role of College Captain lightly. I understand the honour and appreciation for the role.  I like to think of myself as somewhat of a good listener, but even more of an observer.  I vow to listen and see those who stand tall, and those who stand shyly.  Vow to listen and see those who speak loud and those who are quiet. 

Sometimes the largest crowds are those that go unheard or unseen. Today as your College Captain, that is no more. You will be heard and you will be seen. 

After reflecting on last year I believe it’s time for us to come together now. Join our capabilities to create a better and brighter future. Not only for ourselves, but as a College.