Momentarily direct your focus to our present college theme, the sentence, 'We are called...'

Three words. Ten letters. One pronoun. Two verbs. Although seemingly meagre, these words hold an exponential amount of symbolic substance; they influence our capacity for change, they hint to our collaborative disposition and they allude to the certainty that we live in the present; a contemporary and intricate sphere that is so vast in nature that we may only hope to see even a quarter of what it has to offer.

Three simple words; who knew that they could influence such existential angst? Despite the philosophical connotations of disparity that the words ‘we are called’ hold, they also have implications of hope; the hope to recognise our calling, our vocation; and the hope that we are called not individually, but together. We are called, not I am called.

Called in the same respect that Jesus of Nazareth was, called to epitomise our Catholic ideology not just in public or in private, but in life.

School captains 2020

It is with the utmost gratitude that we are able to serve, guide and actively participate within our community as School Captains; we recognise this as being a privilege and a commodity as opposed to just simply a role. We not only aim to build upon the fine work that has been done by leaders in the past, but also to adapt to the ever-changing contemporary society that the younger students will develop in.

We plan on highlighting the importance of individualism; the freedom of action that people have and the positive aspects of being different from one another. The palpable fact that we are all unique, and as such all have something to say. From each of the 2020 School Captains, here is our message:

It’s crazy to think that at this time back in 2008 we were all beginning the exciting, yet daunting, journey of education which, for many in our cohort, was not here at St Augustine’s. Although I’m one of many who hasn't been here for all of my schooling, from day one, the sense of community was evident and, for many, it’s their second family.

Throughout my time here, it has been incredible to watch the school grow but also watch our cohort develop. Over our time at St Augustine’s, every single one of the 2020 Year Twelves has grown into the individual that they are today. As a year level, we’ve also become closer and we’ve all learnt many crucial skills to prepare us to go into the real world next year.

As we begin our final year of schooling, some of us know what we are called to do in the future and many don’t, but, after a long, tiring and fun-filled 13 years of schooling, each and every one of us has been equipped with the knowledge and skills to begin the next chapter of our lives, whatever that may be.

Although I have not been here throughout all of my schooling years, it has always felt as though I have belonged in the St Augustine’s community. My peers have always been welcoming, giving the cohort the sense of being to a second family for many students. For all of us, 2020 is a new beginning. Each of us have yet another chapter to write.

It wasn’t long ago we were all starting our first day at school and, since then, we have all watched this community grow in not only numbers but in the amazing facilities that have been built to provide an even better education for students.

Education is an important attribute to everyone's life; it is a never ending journey and, as our Year 12 cohort ends our journey here, we will begin new ones. Although many of us may not know our destination yet, I hope that my peers embrace their journey.

It is such a privilege to have the opportunity of being involved in a community that I have grown to adore. St. Augustine’s Kyabram has aided the cultivation of my own values, imperatives and philosophy - it is why I am the individual that I am today. The school continues to provide myself and my peers with the capacity to flourish as young people, through the provision of not only education, but social, emotional and spiritual enlightenment.

The year of 2020 holds immeasurable possibility: for the Senior year cohort, it marks the last of our secondary studies, and, for our Foundation students, it will be the start of their educational journey. An intense and confusing era of their lives through which they will be guided by the didactic, yet accommodating, nature of St. Augustine’s.

We, your leadership team of 2020, vow not only to continue the exemplary work done by those before us, but to also evolve and magnify the ‘development of the individual.’ We are all rational beings that aspire to achieve the best that it is in our capacity to attain; having a leadership team who want to foster this concept, and is willing to embody this idea through servant leadership, is a great leadership team to have.

The future is influenced by what you do in the present. Be willing, be courageous.