We are absolutely honoured to have been thoughtfully selected as the 2019 school captains! Our hope for 2019 to be a life-changing year! Especially for us and our peers, as our schooling comes to an end, we will be able to both look back at all the amazing experiences we had throughout the year as well as look forward to the further life of learning for life and growth ahead of us all.  We wish to make this year one of the best that both of us will remember and leave a lasting memory that the whole community will never forget. The year ahead of us is aimed to create even stronger connections between students from varying year levels to make even more memories and to set examples for each and every student to aspire to. The student events planned for the year are even more engaging and exciting than before!

As school captains, we aim to maintain an extremely high standard of excellence set by this wonderful community’s previous school captains, as well as formulate and implement new ideas and programs. For example, the student feedback email that has successfully been launched. We look forward to and have the honour of representing the school on such occasions like the ANZAC Day Service, school masses and hope to even lead an assembly or two.  This year’ College theme of ‘Listen With Open and Humble Hearts’ we are aiming to embrace and set examples for our College and the surrounding community; such as already undertaking in the amazing Year 12 retreat to better understand our peers through learning about each other, we wish to listen with open hearts with everyone in our College and hope to set examples for others to do so.

As our year level commences their final year of schooling we wish to reflect upon all the wonderful memories shared together where it began in Foundation, Year 7 or even Year 9. Although this year will shortly come to its end we wish to not only reflect upon memories but to make a new set with our college community that we hope to reminisce on when the time comes to say goodbye.  On behalf of our entire year 12 cohort we would like to wish all students the absolute best for the 2019 school year and would like to thank all of the staff that have been working so hard to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their year!