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Our theme for 2023 has emerged from reflecting on our understanding of Catholic Social Teaching principles. These principles inform our ethical decision-making and how we live our lives.  This year, as our community rebounds from the impact of a global pandemic we give thanks with joy and gratitude for the opportunity to come together and to continue to learn from one another. 

Our theme for 2023 calls us to reflect on the things that unite us, rather than our differences that divide. As our government moves towards recognising the Aboriginal Voice to Parliament,  it is especially important that we too, continue to find common ground especially with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters on our journey toward a reconciled nation. 

By emphasising the qualities and beliefs that unite us we are further empowered to be a force for good in our world. In our Catholic context, it is the Eucharist, the sacrifice of Jesus and the hope we find in His resurrection that sustains us. The Eucharist is our common union. 

When we receive the Eucharist we are saying ‘yes’ to a faith that works for justice, that reaches out to those on the margins, welcomes the poor and honours the dignity of all of God’s creation. Let us be a people who find common ground, value our common unity and work for the common good.