Our first graduate outcome - Be self directed responsible life long learners who have the confidence to take their own path and reach their full potential - sums up our approach to learning and teaching at St. Augustine’s College. We are focused on the development of the whole person with the vision to assist students in finding their individual pathway, hence the broad nature of our curriculum offerings.

As an F-12 college, we understand the importance of age and stage appropriate curriculum delivery. Students in Foundation to Year 4 are laying the foundations for future learning, they are exploring content and contexts and they are learning to work together to achieve common goals. Students in Years 5-8 are building breadth and depth in their learning, they are consolidating and building on knowledge and skills. Students are encouraged to explore the notion of self directed learning and are supported to develop the essential skills of planning, organising and prioritising. Students from Years 9-12 are focused on developing chosen pathways – learning is tailored to suit their chosen academic pathway and extensive support is given to students and families through our career counselling process.

All Learning and Teaching programs at St. Augustine’s College are designed in line with the Victorian Curriculum curriculum for Foundation to year 10, Study designs in the VCE program and Learning Outcomes in the VCAL program. These are all managed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) and we are subject to regular Quality Assurance processes.