The name of this organisation indicates the intention of the group to offer membership to everyone. All past students will become members when they complete Year 12 and the Friends of the College include staff, parents, grandparents, parishioners and anyone who wishes to have a connection with the College. This organisation is open to everyone.

The objectives of the Association include:

  • Establishing connections between past and present members of St. Augustine's College
  • Providing opportunities for past students, staff and the St. Augustine's College community to maintain links with St. Augustine's College and to foster a spirit of loyalty to the College
  • Being the custodians of the history of St. Augustine's College and the schools that preceded the formation of St. Augustine's College.

AGM Reports 

pdf AGM Report 2014 (148 KB)

pdf AGM Report 2015 (161 KB)

pdf AGM Report 2016 (110 KB)

pdf AGM Report 2017 (72 KB)

pdf AGM Report 2018 (94 KB)

Committee Members

  • Kerrie Bozzella
  • Andrew Dickman
  • Caitlin Dickman
  • Joan Dickman
  • Helen Heard
  • Jenny Leahy
  • John Lilford
  • Samuel Mehanni
  • Anne O'Meara
  • Brian O'Meara
  • Linda Stone
  • Trevor Stone
  • Mary Zobec
  • Frank Zobec
  • John Zobec
  • Lou Ciavarella
  • Jane Mawley
  • Maureen Curling
  • Shane Fitzsimmons

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The Association does not have a membership fee, but donations would be welcome to sponsor the activities of this group.

Donate Items to the Archives

If you would like to donate any items to the St. Augustine's College archives please contact the College Office.

Historical material is stored in the Our Lady of Peace Convent.

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Information Leaflet
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Awards Criteria
pdf PDF Download (86 KB)

The history of St. Augustine's College is closely interwoven with the parish story. Mary McCormick (a past student and staff member) is leading a parish group that is planning to write a parish history to commemorate the 140th Anniversary in 2018. 

Meetings 2018

All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

Term 3: Monday 13th August
Term 4: Monday 8th October


The Association will not publish newsletters in 2018. Stories about Past Students and Friends will be included in the St Augustine's College Newsletter and the Annual Magazine.

We want to hear the stories of our past students and friends. Do you have any news about yourself or another member of the St. Augustine's College Community that we could include in the newsletters? If you have something to share, please contact the College Office.

Earlier newsletters may be accessed here.
pdf Alumni Newsletter Issue 1 - 2013 (1.48 MB)

pdf Alumni Newsletter Issue 2 - 2013 (1.22 MB)

pdf Alumni Newsletter Issue 3 - 2014 (774 KB)

pdf Alumni Newsletter Issue 4 - 2014 (1.13 MB)

pdf Alumni Newsletter Issue 5 - 2015 (809 KB)

pdf Alumni Newsletter Issue 6 - April 2016 (1.68 MB)

pdf Alumni Newsletter Issue 7 - December 2016 (2.00 MB)

pdf Alumni Newsletter Issue 8 - July 2017 (1.27 MB)

pdf Alumni Newsletter Issue 9 - December 2017 (1.34 MB)


If you would like to host a reunion, please contact the College Office.

For further information about the Old Collegians Association, membership or to update your details please contact: the College Phone: (03) 5851 3000

Memorial Service and Mass 2018

The proposed date for this event is Sunday 18th November. The Service will be held in the Memorial Garden at 8:45 a.m. and Mass will be in St Augustine's Church at 9:30 a.m.

Archival Material

A major focus of the association is the implementation of a management system for historical records and archival material. 

Records include:

  • Awards
  • Classroom work and curriculum material
  • Information about School Musicals and concerts
  • Mothers' Club records
  • Newsletters
  • Newspaper clippings
  • School Centenary information
  • School magazines
  • School photo albums
  • School uniforms

During this year it is anticipated that we will meet regularly and develop the management and recording system. Future goals include scanning photos and documents and making recommendations about filing and displaying historical information.

Collection of Archival Material

We are now searching for historical information from our past students and friends. Please consider if you can provide any of the following:

  • Typed and handwritten letters and documentation
  • Certificates
  • Printed material - cuttings, brochures, reports, and newsletters
  • Maps and plans
  • Photographs
  • Magazines