Social Justice initiatives are a lived expression of our vision and graduate outcomes. Our college social justice student and staff leaders meet regularly to plan activities, promote advocacy, solidarity, awareness and fundraising.

Our college actively supports Caritas, St Vincent De Paul, our Timor Leste Committee, the Sacred Heart Mission and the local Kyabram charity The Gift. Students with an interest in social justice are provided opportunities to develop their leadership skills and understanding through involvement in diocesan program such as the Justice Matters Camp and Just Leadership training.

Timor Leste Partnership and Student Immersion Experiences

Bi Annually St Augustine's students and staff travel to East Timor to engage in an experience that supports the community of Aileu and continues to build a relationship of respect and awareness of the community. A feature of this experience is students and the East Timor community work to couple the talents of the immersion group with the needs of the community to decide on a project or focus for the year.

FIRE Carrier Program

Our student and staff FIRE Carriers lead and share information regarding our responsibility to engage in action to work towards reconciliation.

The FIRE (Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education) Carrier Project is a joint initiative of Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Victoria and the Opening the Doors Foundation with the Sandhurst Catholic Education Office to promote Reconciliation through education in Sandhurst schools. The FIRE Carrier Project seeks to keep the Reconciliation flame alight in schools, educating the wider community about Reconciliation, our shared history and cultures. The FIRE carriers work to promote reconciliation through:

  • Spirituality
  • Cultural Recognition and Awareness
  • Practical Reconciliation and Justice.

Our students and staff engage in formation experiences using connections that have been established and nourished by our community with the local indigenous population.

We celebrate events such as Reconciliation Week and Naidoc Week with whole school focuses and liturgy. Students learn about the rituals and traditions of the original custodians our our land through planned experiences and also visits at appropriate times in the year from local elders.

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