The school logo was designed by Sister Aiden Hunt. The stars of the Southern Cross in gold symbolise Australia and more particularly Christ’s redemption coming to this country.

The single gold star represents the star of Bethlehem.

The motto ‘Strength and Kindliness’ is used in schools throughout the world that have been staffed and connected with the Brigidine Sisters.

It was first designed in 1955 and redesigned in 1984. The refined logo presented in 2015 aims to more truly reflect the original intent of the design.


Brigidine Cross

The Brigidine Cross is symbolic of the service of the Brigidine Sisters to the education of young people during their association with St Augustine's College (1919-­1993).

Legend states that the first Brigid’s cross was woven from the green rushes that formed the ‘carpet’ on the floor of a Chieftain’s house. As he lay dying, she explained the life and death of Jesus. When he listened to her story, he asked to be baptised before he died.

Brigidine Sisters use this cross as their emblem.

The colours represent our traditional school colours but introduce new tones symbolic of both honouring the past and looking forward to the future. They also reflect the colours of our parish stained glass window.


Emblem of the Order of St Augustine

The emblem of the Order of St Augustine is symbolic of the legacy of those priests who served this community and had the foresight to begin St Augustine’s School to serve the families of the Kyabram district. (1904­-2005)

The emblem is a flaming heart pierced by an arrow on the background of an open book.

  • The open book represents the teaching of the gospel and a continued search for knowledge.
  • The heart reminds us of Augustine’s great personal charity and love of neighbour as the way to serve God.
  • The arrow represents the Spirit of God piercing our minds and hearts and calling us to a continual growth of faith, hope and love in our lives.